Over our years of experience we noticed that many frustrated athletes were presenting with problems that hadn’t been addressed by conventional physiotherapy. The approaches that were offered in the past were one dimensional and often didn’t acknowledge that maintaining activity levels plays a vital role in the body’s recovery.

We shared this frustration and applied our wisdom and experience to approach injuries in the same way we approach them for our professional athletes. Our philosophy boils down to this:

  • We take a proactive approach and avoid rest unless completely necessary
  • For us, the aim is not just to return you to life or sport, it’s to make you better than you were before
  • And the best way to achieve this is to use a team approach, utilising practitioners that specialise in different areas of your health to reach your goal – whatever it may be

The physio team at Bioathletic are a little different – we don’t find the sore spot, rub it and wave some magical electrical stimulation machine over it. We don’t leave you for half an hour with a heat pack. And we don’t stop you from training/playing/working unless we absolutely have to.

If that sounds like the team you want to deal with our physiotherapy team is available for consultation across Sydney, with appointments available in Manly, Brookvale and Taren Point.