We know running, its joys and its frustrations.

We want every runner to have more joy and less frustration. So we offer the most comprehensive online run coaching around. Because your coach isn’t just a coach, they’re a team. You’ll have a Level 2 running coach with additional qualifications in strength and fitness, to make sure there’s more joy. And you’ll have a Sports Physio (also a Level 2 run coach) helping out with your program, niggles and injury history, to make sure there’s less frustration.


It all begins with a comprehensive questionnaire of your goals (the bigger the better), history and schedule, reviewed by your coach and physio. Then we get to know you better via regular emails, reviewing your post-run comments and studying your GPS/HR data. You’ll get every session prescribed in detail and adjusted based on your requirements. No copy-and-paste programming! No set-and-forget schedules. This one is all about you.

We train smarter AND harder. We build training around your goals. We make it fun. And we’ll push you further than you ever thought possible.

Our online run coaching is a comprehensive and customised training system for runners of all levels, with hundreds of successful athletes using our program to gear up for their next big goal race.

My name is Pete Colagiuri, Sports Physio and Co-creator of Bioathletic Online Coaching…

I’ve been obsessed with running ultra marathons for the past 10 years. I live for this stuff and can’t wait to help you get stronger and faster.

I’ve been a physio for 15 years and in the last seven years, I’ve focused my clinical work on rethinking our approach to running injury management, prevention and performance. Too many old paradigms and accepted wisdoms were letting runners down, with seemingly avoidable injuries being anything but. Building a new paradigm from the ground up, we’ve seen great success in injury management and some amazing results in performance for those who thought that any more improvements were beyond them. Because effective injury prevention shouldn’t be about applying the brakes, it should be about maximising performance to the point where you’re unstoppable. Ever wonder why top runners can cope with big mile weeks, every week? It’s not luck and it’s not genes. It’s about focusing on the details, the right details, to perfect good technique with stability & strength work. Then running becomes effortless, niggles dissolve and injuries are a thing of the past.

Just wait until you see what we can do for you!

Meet your coach – Simone Hayes

Simone is an experienced Level 3 Personal Trainer who just loves to share her fondness of all things fitness and outdoors and inspire others to find their potential and use the beautiful surrounds of the Sutherland Shire.

Simone takes this philosophy into her own training and racing, and expects the same from her clients when participating in her classes. Call it a bit of tough love, as her classes are no walk in the park, but if you trust her and let you guide her, the results will speak for themselves.  Everybody has a different fitness level, a different pain threshold and a different tolerance to exercise. Your ability to achieve is only hindered by your mental state – your mind controls your body and if you are positive, focused and determined, you can achieve anything. You don’t need to run Ultra-marathons to achieve something exceptional. Anything NEW that you work hard for and achieve is EXCEPTIONAL!

You’ll be able to achieve what you never thought possible. Just trust me and step out of your comfort zone…you’ll never look back.

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