MumStrong is our post-natal strength training program designed with one goal in mind – to make you strong (not bulky like Arnie, just strong!)

  • Bulletproof your body against injury
  • Build strength
  • And master correct lifting technique

MumStrong eradicates the confusion that surrounds post-natal strength training by developing an individual program for you to complete in a fun, social and supportive environment and results in a strong, functional and unbreakable you. We don’t subscribe to fads or the latest gimmicks, we prefer to stick to simple, safe and effective training that doesn’t require thousands of dollars worth of gimmicky exercise gear that you’ll use once.

How does the program work?

We start by assessing your current strength status, working out how to bulletproof you against injuries and developing an individualised program of exercises with the biggest bang for your time-precious buck. We’ll also begin instruction of a few exercise techniques that can be implemented straight away. This assessment takes around 30min and is a fully rebatable physiotherapy consultation

Next we book you into a MumStrong group session where you’ll be introduced to a small group of Mums on the exact same journey as you. Each session is under the supervision of a physio/strength coach and you’ll get plenty of support and coaching each week.

The program continues weekly for 12 weeks (recommended minimum). And if you’re loving what we do, there’s no reason you can’t continue on week to week after your 12 week program ends.

Please complete  your initial assessment before making this booking

MumStrong is a gym training program which results in a strong, functional and unbreakable you…

Answers to Common Questions:

What do I need to bring?
Wear gym gear and runners. And bring a towel and water bottle.

How long does the program run for?
We’ve built the program in such a way to show great results in just 12 weeks, so we recommend 12 weeks as a minimum. If you want to continue your improvements beyond the 12 week period, we’d love to have you stay.

How long is each session?
It varies depending on the complexity of the session and your stage of training. We’d suggest you allow 45-60min to complete the program.

What is the cost?
$40 per group session, which is direct debited from your nominated account.

Can I claim on my private health insurance?
Yes. At the end of every month we’ll issue you with an account statement, which you can submit to your health fund for rebates.

What happens if I miss a session or go on holidays?
We’ll arrange an additional session for you to make up for the one you missed.

How do I book?
You can book your MumStrong group sessions and the initial assessment online (via the buttons above) or over the phone (02) 8544 0417

Can I bring my baby?
We don’t recommend it as they cannot be in the gym for safety reasons. But arrangements can be made to have babies nearby (visible from the gym) in an adjacent room.

What happens if I need to cancel a session?
We’d appreciate if you could give us 24hours notice so we can offer your place to someone else. Normal charges may be payable if you do not notify us.

What happens if I need to cancel my membership completely?
We don’t believe in locking you in to ongoing debits. Just give us 1 weeks notice and we’ll stop the debits.