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ACL Prevention Guide

It’s the pop no athlete wants to hear. In a split second the knee buckles, the athlete goes to ground and that’s the season.  The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is a critical ligament in the knee which gives it stability and controls…

How to supersize your training in 2020

Everyone gets active for a variety of reasons - some love the social aspect, some love the way it makes them feel and some have specific goals like weight management. Whatever your motivation, consistent honest training is going to be the way…

How to get your training in when it's hot and smoky outside...

The bushfire situation in Australia right now is unprecedented. As too, the weather we're experiencing with it. But whilst we're doing what we can (by donating time, money and resources to those who need it) the rest of the country needs to…
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How much sport is too much for kids?

We all want our kids to be fit, active and healthy. And team sport provides a great avenue to make this happen with a whole bunch of social benefits to boot. But when does too much of a good thing become a bad thing? Like most…

What happens when you stop running due to injury?

The most common response to a running injury seems to be rest. Whether it's a chance to let it settle, avoiding activities that hurt or just good old fashion denial, a brief period of rest gives the injury a chance to begin its recovery. But…

The Detraining Effect: What happens when you stop training

Getting consistent with good training program is the way forward, but the effects of stopping can be catastrophic for your training goals - and almost immediately.

Headgear, shoulder pads and braces: Are they worth it?

With contact, sports comes contact injuries, despite our best efforts to prevent them there is always an element of risk when we let our kids run out on the footy field to let them enjoy the sports they love doing. If there is anything we…
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Ultra Fail: What to do when your race ends in a DNF

So you arrived at UTA with all the right intentions but it just didn't go your way on the day. The dreaded DNF! Let's look at each of the scenarios and figure out how we can help you grow from the experience. GUT ISSUES IN ULTRAS - A COMMON…
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How long do you need to recover after an Ultra race?

Remarkably soon after you cross the UTA finish line, your “never again” becomes “maybe one day”. And then “what’s on this month”? It’s a beautiful thing. You’ve ticked off a major goal, you’re feeling bulletproof, it…
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Exercise and Postnatal Depression (PND): How to exercise yourself happy

Postnatal Depression. The big black cloud that can affect new Mum's in the days, weeks and months after giving birth. It could be as mild as unexplained sadness or as extreme as paralyzing depression. But is it possible to exercise yourself back to a trouble-free mind?
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Killing the myths about exercise

There seems to be many myths and misconceptions about exercise. Some have propagated because of long-held beliefs while others are just convenient reasons to avoid certain types of exercise. But for each of these myths, there's research to the contrary. So it's time to learn the truth and train smarter and more effectively than ever.
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Are You An Athlete Or A Bodybuilder?

Are you structuring your training for the right results? Or are you just following the latest program from your fave magazine or fitness influencer? How you structure your training should depend on this - are you an athlete or a bodybuilder?