17 May 2017

Tendinopathies – What, why & how?

    The what... Tendinpathies are a common problem experienced by everyone from the elite football player to the weekend warrior. It is predominately experienced in the Achilles tendon, the patella tendon and the hamstring tendon. Other places these can occur are the biceps tendon, the tibialis posterior tendon and the peroneal tendon. Commonly, tendinopathies…

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14 May 2017

UTA 2017 – last minute changes

It's five days until the 2017 UTA event, your taper is driving you nuts and all the "what if's" are playing on your mind. For most doubts, you can trust in your training and the ever-reliable course marking. But other doubts start when you peek at the weather forecast and see what's waiting for you on race day…

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10 May 2017

Why do I keep tearing my hammy?

Hamstring injuries are one of the most common, poorly rehabbed muscle injuries. They have a tendency to re-tear, just when you think you are in the clear from your recent injury. But why does this happen? This here is the million dollar question that the elite sports teams to the weekend warrior are asking. It…

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17 Jan 2017

It’s 2017, time to bin these exercise myths

As we get set to embrace the next onslaught of training techniques, fads and superfoods, let's clear some space in the brain for this new info by getting rid of these outdated habits: Pulling your foot up during hamstrings stretches Hamstrings stretches are designed to....stretch the hamstrings. So why does pulling the foot back make it a…

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05 Jan 2017

New Year, renewed motivation. Now what?

Most of us see in the New Year with beverage or two and the equivalent number of new goals to tick off. And that surge of motivation is great but if you don't channel it, it can lead to much frustration and broken dreams. Unfortunately we get to see plenty of resolutions-gone-wrong around February/March every year.…

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03 Jan 2017

COAST 2 KOSCI 240km: A Rookie’s Perspective

“16 hours in, I’m unconscious, face down in the middle of a country highway. It’s a little off script but not all that unexpected. Let the games begin…”   1.      The overview  The concept behind the race is simple enough – run from Boydtown Beach at Eden, on the east coast of Australia, to the…

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16 Nov 2016

Injuries, assumptions and confusion

It's common for athletes to feel aches and pains - if you're not hurting occasionally, you're not really pushing your limits, right? And two of the most common aches tend to be in calves and hip flexors. But how certain are you that your muscular ache isn't a warning sign of something worse? Here's what…

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12 Sep 2016

Mastering the Pull Up

The Pull Up is arguably the single most important exercise for upper body strength development and also viewed as a massive milestone for the novice/intermediate trainee when they master their first. But executing a perfect set of full range (ie without contorting your body, flailing your legs around or sticking your neck out like a giraffe) pull…

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04 Sep 2016

Injury in-depth: Shin Splints

Let's start with a clarification. Not all shin pain is created equally. Any decent physio/doctor won't diagnose you with "shin splints" because it's an umbrella term for at least three different conditions, each with different pathologies and pain patterns but with similar causes. Often these conditions co-exist, particularly once they've been around for a few…

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12 Aug 2016

Slim into Spring

If you are one of the many who have let your exercise and diet routine slide a little this winter, the glimmer of the gorgeous sunny winter weather we are experiencing is an unyielding memento that we may need to budge a few kg before the bikini season is fast upon us. For the majority…

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